Automotive & Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers

Somit Solutions provides a wide range of services to support manufacturers and their affiliated repair centres. Our solutions are designed to improve productivity in the service bay, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Our services include:

• New approaches to vehicle maintenance

• Improvement of workshop tooling and equipment

• Targeted technical information

• Process improvements

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Automotive Component & Technology Providers

For component and technology providers Somit Solutions offers bespoke systems aimed at increasing part sales through value added services. Our systems offer enhanced technical information or fitment instructions, integrate with workshop service tools and equipment and link to parts ordering systems for both franchise and independent providers.

Additional services include:

• Consultation on mechanical and electronic tooling

• Process consultation and improvement

• Enhancement or creation of technical / repair information

• System delivery through new and innovative platforms

Independent Service Providers

To support independent service providers Somit Solutions provides systems for mid and large independent workshop groups which enables them to enhance their capacity and repair offering for more complex vehicles in the independent sector.

Our services include:

• Consultation on specific tools & equipment

• Enhancement of repair techniques and process

• Simplification of complex electrical repair processes

• Customer retention solutions

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Training Programmes and Apprenticeships

Working in partnership with Calex UK ( Somit Solutions provide specialist training solutions and apprenticeship programmes across automotive and retail sectors. Our services enable the cost effective delivery of information and understanding through interactive and global platforms using industry trained employees.

Our services include:

• Training consultancy

• Authoring & content creation

• Interactive learning and development programmes

• Bespoke apprentice programmes

• Worldwide employee placement