Somit Solutions are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to creating an inclusive working environment, where you are encouraged and assisted to reach your full potential.

It is the Company’s policy that there should be no discrimination, harassment or less favourable treatment of any employee or job applicant, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender, gender reassignment, marital, or family status, disability, trade union membership or activity, or age. It is also Company policy that there should be no bullying or intimidation of one employee by another for any reason whatsoever.

This policy applies to all employees of Somit Solutions, regardless of length of service and to all job applicants. It applies to all areas of employment. In issuing this policy, the Company has the following principal objectives:

  • To encourage you take an active role in combating all forms of harassment and discrimination.
  • To raise awareness of the responsibility to promote equality of opportunity in the workplace.
  • To deter you from participating in harassment or discriminatory behaviour.
  • To inform you of the types of behaviour that will be deemed unacceptable, and the steps that will be taken should such behaviour occur.
  • To demonstrate to you that you can rely upon the Company’s support, if you are subjected to harassment or discrimination at work.

The Company values the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the Organisation, and believes that you have the right to be treated with both dignity and respect at all times.

All employees, whatever their position within the Company, have a part to play in ensuring the effective implementation of this policy.

Should you require further details about promoting equal opportunities within the workplace, the following sources of information may be useful:

  • agepositive.gov.uk (Age Diversity)
  • cre.gov.uk (The Commission for Racial Equality)
  • eoc.org.uk (The Equal Opportunities Commission)
  • stonewall.org.uk (Equality for Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals)
  • thewnc.org.uk (The Women’s National Commission)